Polyester Shock-Absorbing Foam (PSAF)

Shock-Absorbing, Viscoelastic Foam

These foams are ideal for helping relieve pressure points and preventing pressure sores.

Orthopedic and medical applications
Polyester Shock Absorbing Foams ensure uniform pressure distribution and help prevent pressure sores. For this reason, PSAFs are used in medical mattresses and seat cushions, often in combination with other foams. Because PSAFs work well even with heavy loading, they provide support similar to gel or liquid cushions while having 15 times lower density.

Our Polyester Shock Absorbing Foams are open-pored and have two key benefits that standard viscoelastic foams don’t offer.

  1. PSAFs provide good air circulation and prevent sweating.
  2. The support of PSAFs does not deteriorate as quickly as standard viscoelastics do. That means that PSAFs offer superior service and longevity in medical and comfort uses. For example, PSAF underlays and overlays can be washed, dried and autoclaved.

Sports-products cushioning
Higher-density Polyester Shock Absorbing Foams are well-suited to sports padding. The material is flexible and strong, and provides cushioning with minimal bounce. PAF 150 performs superbly at room temperatures and is a high energy-absorbing, multiple impact-cushioning material.

Type Density lb./ft3 CLD@40% psi Tensile Strength psi Elongation % Color Data Sheet
PSAF 6060 3.75 0.8 36 180 min Yellow Contact
PSAF 60120 3.75 1.7 39 160 min Pink Contact
PSAF 65180 4.00 2.6 43 160 min Grey Contact