Bedding Foams

Open-cell Polyurethane 

High Airflow Foam Series

The High Airflow Foam (HAF) is designed for the efficient movement of air and humidity while placed in a mattress core construction. This movement or dissipation of air and humidity allows for a more restorative sleep experience. The HAF product can be used as a transition layer beneath the top layer or as a top layer foam.

Foam Features:

         Air flow is greater than conventional urethanes.

         Available in Ether slab stock polyurethane

         Available in two standard colors - blue and yellow

         Excellent compressions set and humid aging characteristics

         Provided as Buns, Rolls, sheets and compressed sheets


Ideal for:

·        Medical bedding

·        Residential bedding

·        Wheel chair seats



AirFlow CFM

Densitylb./ft 3


Comp Sets50/90%

Humid AgingComp sets

HAF – 26

4.0 min

1.40 – 1.60


        <10% loss


HAF - 36

4.0 min

1.40 – 1.60


                 <10% loss

< 10%loss