Woodbridge INOAC Technical Products Responds to the Global Need to Produce Face Masks

Innovate & Leverage

Woodbridge INOAC Technical Products makes polyurethane (PUR) foam products for a range of business uses. We leverage technologies to create padding, packaging, sealing, filtration and other products.

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Markets & Application

Our blocks, rolls and sheets of foam products are intended for a wide range of markets including automotive, filtration, medical and industrial product manufacturers.

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Who We Are

Woodbridge INOAC Technical Products is a JV between Woodbridge and INOAC Corporation of Japan

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Woodbridge INOAC Technical Products (WITP), a 50/50 joint venture partnership between Woodbridge Foam Corporation and INOAC Corporation offers specialty engineered polyurethane foam solutions for a wide variety of applications and industries.

Acoustics Foams

Our acoustic foam products are used in various applications such as sound dampening, packaging, and insulation. This product can be specially formulated to meet a wide range of physical quality specifications.

Climate Controlled Seating Foams

Our specially developed foam was designed to meet the exact requirements for quality climate controlled seating. Our foams are thermally reticulated polyether products and contain flame retardant to pass FMVSS302 and other flammability requirements. This product can be adhesively and flame laminated.

Explosion Suppressant Foams

Our reticulated polyurethane foams for explosion suppression and surge/noise mitigation are for use in fuel tanks of aircraft, boats, military vehicles, competition and emergency vehicles, automobiles, and trucks - virtually any vehicle where the possibility of fuel tank explosion exists, or where surge/noise mitigation is required.

Filter Foams

Our reticulated filter foams offer excellent filtration properties well suited for air and liquid filter applications, medical, automotive and many other uses.

Medical Foams

Our medical foams are processed using medical procedures to ensure a quality product with each lot. Well suited for negative pressure wound therapy, advanced wound care, and additional medical foam applications.

Outdoor Foams

Our antimicrobial polyether foam specially designed for outdoor furniture use. The open pore characteristic allows water to drain through, preventing moisture buildup and mold growth.


Our sponge foams offer superior strength and durability characteristics and provide excellent rinsing properties. The variety of cell structures and colors suit a wide range of applications, especially home care and industrial cleaning products.

Standard Foam Grades

Our standard polyether and polyester foams are specially formulated to meet a wide range of physical quality specs including flammability characteristics such as FMVSS302. These product types can be specially designed with different additives and properties to make a more suitable product for their designated market.