About Us

Woodbridge INOAC Technical Products (WITP), a 50/50 joint venture partnership between Woodbridge and INOAC Corp., offers specialty engineered polyurethane foam solutions for a wide variety of applications and industries.

The leader in technology and innovation
We are leaders in foam manufacturing technology with subject matter experts who drive advancement in the design and performance of our technical products. We develop and manufacture a diverse product range of foams to the highest quality standards.


  • Polyurethane Development
  • Property Testing
  • Looping
  • Peeling
  • Lamination (Flame, Adhesive & Hot Oil)
  • Reticulation
  • Sheeting/Slitting
  • Spooling
  • Felting/Embossing

Woodbridge offers innovative urethane and particle foam technologies, to serve the automotive, commercial, military and recreational vehicle industries, along with several other business sectors including: Protective Packaging, Healthcare and Building products.

Since 1978, with its first plant in Woodbridge, Canada, Woodbridge has grown throughout North and South America, Europe and Asia Pacific. In addition to its manufacturing operations, Woodbridge offers a full complement of services including: chemical research and development, product and process engineering, tooling, technical support and accredited laboratory testing.

Woodbridge supplies products that provide five key functions, offering comfort, acoustics, safety, structural and insulation properties. Woodbridge supplies: seat cushioning, seat frame components, interior soft trim, occupant safety components, noise/vibration/harshness solutions, cargo management products, composite sheet foam products, engineered technical foams, assembly services and product development.

The key competitive strength for Woodbridge, continues to revolve around its people and their commitment to improve everything they do. Woodbridge is focused on evolving workplace safety, sustainable environmental stewardship and enduring customer satisfaction.

“INOAC” means “Innovation and Action” expressing our core desire to remain innovative and active at all times. INOAC was the first to start the foaming technology of polyurethane in Japan and has become a leading company in the realm of polyurethane technology. In its efforts to provide a better life for those living in the world, INOAC has specialized in not only a single business, but has cultivated four business “seeds”: Polyurethane, Rubber, Plastics, and Composite Materials.

Since INOAC’s conception in 1926 to its expansion into overseas activities, including North America in 1985, INOAC has strived to create a vast “forest” from these business “seeds” of various materials designed to meet and exceed client expectations. As INOAC’s material expertise has expanded, so too have the industries that INOAC contributes to, including: automotive, electronics, home furnishings, consumer products, building materials, and healthcare. Today, INOAC has developed into a conglomerate, supplying diverse products and services, thereby contributing and giving back to society.