We have taken our sponge technology and tested it to the limits to produce the highest quality products. Our reticulated DualPore™ and non-reticulated DualCell™ foam sponges undergo several comprehensive test methods. The primary test, Compression Force Deflection (CFD), determines how much force is required to reduce the foam to 50% of its resting thickness. Equally important is the Tensile Strength testing, determining how much absorption the sponge can withstand. 

We are pleased to offer a top-quality selection of non-reticulated, reticulated and hydrophilic foam sponges to meet the requirements of your application. Our DualCell S and DualPore series can also be made hydrophilic and/or antimicrobic.

DualCell™ S Series

Non-reticulated Polyester Foam Sponge

The non-reticulated, double-cell structure of our DualCell™ S series of foam sponges is well suited to heavy cleaning or application due to its superior strength and durability. Its properties are strong enough to tackle the toughest home care or industrial sized job.

Customize your own line of DualCell™ S by selecting the cell structure and color best suited for your needs. Can also be made hydrophilic and/or antimicrobic.


  • Double-cell
  • Superior strength
  • Durable
TypeDensity lb./ft3CFDD@25% psiTensile Strength psi (min.)Elongation % (min.)Water Absorption
DualCell™ S 55/241.4 min.0.4 min.15150No
DualCell™ S 70/301.7 min.0.4 min.15150No
202F1.750.4 min.TBDTBDNo
2LDF1.40.4 min.TBDTBDNo
HCDC21.8 min.0.35 min.25250Yes
HC171.70.35 min.15150Yes
HC202.10.45 - 0.8515250Yes

DualPore™ S Series

Reticulated Polyester
Sponge Foam

This line of double cell reticulated polyester foam sponges are open cells. They have undergone a process primed the material for improved absorbing capability. As a result, their strength and durability make them well suited to home care applications, industrial applications, and where absorbing materials are required.

Customize your line of DualPore™ S by selecting the cell structure and color best suited for your needs. It can also be made hydrophilic and antimicrobic.

Reticulated Foam Features:

  • Double-cell
  • Superior strength
  • Durable
  • Open cell
  • Absorbent
TypeDensity lb./ft3CFD@25% psiTensile Strength psi (min.)Elongation % (min.)
DualPore™ S 55/241.4 min.0.45 min.15150
DualPore™ S 70/301.7 min.0.45 min.15150


Hydrophilic Foam

Hydrophilic foam sponges are in-demand in for their lightweight,
absorbent and breathable properties. They offer fast-wicking absorption, the passage of gas and water vapors, and thermal insulation. Popular for use in the medical field as dressings and bandages, as cosmetic applicators and as packaging.

Hydrophilic foams are available in a variety of compositions and grades.

The AG-Series foam products are infused with certain EPA & FDA approved silver-ion antimicrobial agents. These antimicrobial agents are incorporated within the foam polymer as a protective material to inhibit the growth of specific molds, mildews, and bacteria on the foam product itself.

Hydrophilic Foam Features:

  • Soft
  • Fast-wicking
  • Durable
  • Breathable
  • Antimicrobial products available

For custom quality foams contact us.

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