Acoustic Foams

How does that sound?

We have been working diligently to create acoustic foam products that are lightweight with exceptional sound-proofing characteristics.

Today we produce a portfolio of acoustic foams, suitable for a wide range of applications.


  • Automotive
  • Packaging
  • Apparel
  • Sound dampening
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Marine

Our products meet a high standard for flammability performance for urethane.


UL94 HF-1 Polyester Foam

PyroPore™ S Series

The PyroPore™ S Series embodies protection and safety. It provides excellent resiliency, die clickability, and versatility in a fine-cell polyester foam. The foam is formulated to suit flame lamination, allowing for more complex composites to be manufactured {at the fabricator level}.

With PyroPore™ the possibilities are endless, from packaging to sound insulation.

Certified to UL94 Standards with an HF1 Rating.

PyroPore Sound Absorption
PyroPore Sound Absorptio 58n
TypeDensity lb./ft3 CFD@25% psi Tensile Strength psi (min.)Elongation % (min.)
PyroPore™ S 32 1.8 - 2.2 0.518130
PyroPore™ S 58 3.5 - 4.4 0.614125

UL94 HF-1 Polyeter Foam

PyroPore™ E Series

The PyroPore™ E Series offers the same quality, resiliency, and versatility as our PyroPore S Series but in a fine-cell polyether foam structure. The polyether properties meet UL94 HF-1 specifications and are better suited to environments where moisture and humidity may be present, temperatures are cooler, or where the application may cause dynamic heat build-up.

Examples include sound dampening, packaging, insulation, flame and hot roll lamination.

Certified to UL94 Standards with an H1 Rating.
TypeDensity lb./ft3 IFD@25% lb/50 in.2 Tensile Strength psi (min.)Elongation % (min.)
PyroPore™ E 25 1.5 min35 - 5012140
PyroPore™ E 30 1.8 min35 - 4510140
Certified UL94 HF-1


Plastics – Component
Varieties of foam grades available to meet flammability specifications such as Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Safety Standards FMVSS302, Underwriters Laboratories Classification UL94 HF-2, California 117, and etc. Contact Us

Cell-Controlled Non-reticulated Polyester

CustomPore™ S Series

Body: CustomPore™ S is a standard cell-controlled non-reticulated polyester foam that can be specially formulated to meet a wide range of specifications – including flammability standards such as those laid out in the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 302 (FMVSS302).

This is truly technical foam at it’s best, by producing a specific cell structure that is required to meet the product application – such as paint rollers and ink carriers.

These foams appear in a wider range of applications including packaging, medical, apparel and sports, acoustical and industrial.

Certified to UL94 Standards with an H1 Rating.
TypePPIDensity lb./ft3CFD@25% psiTensile Strength psi (min.)Elongation % (min.)
CustomPore™ S 50/24 501.3 - 1.50.65 - 0.851780
CustomPore™ S 50/30 501.7 - 2.20.50 - 0.8518100
CustomPore™ S 60/30 601.6 - 1.90.55 - 0.9515100
CustomPore™ S 65/55 703.2 - 3.60.60 - 0.8522100
CustomPore™ S 70/55 752.9 - 3.60.7 - 1.022100

Semi-rigid Polyurethane Foam

CFR Series

The CFR Series is a lightweight open cell semi-rigid polyurethane foam originally developed for the automotive industry as an under-the-hood layer providing superior sound and heat insulation.

The open-cell foam offers excellent sound absorption, energy absorption, temperature resistance, and hydrolysis durability with low thermal conductivity. These qualities have made the CFR Series an ideal choice for:

  • Automotive acoustical and heat insulation applications for internal combustion engine and battery electric vehicles
  • Refrigeration and heat management
  • Marine
  • Audio

Flammability has been tested and certified as meeting the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 302 (FMVSS302).

Available in the color gray. Provided as buns or sheets. Thermoformable.

TypeDensity lb./ft3CFD at 25% DeflectionAir Flow cfmFlammability
CFR1.05+/-1.050.60 min1.0, maximumMVSS-302 pass

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