Outdoor Foams

Sitting outside, enjoying the sun is a great way to spend any day. For designers and producers of quality outdoor cushions, we offer top-quality foam for maximum comfort and durability. Non-absorbent foam reduces the drying time in the event of precipitation or spills.

Exposure to the elements is a certainty for outdoor cushioning, so we focus on creating open-cell, polyether-based urethane foam that allows water to pass through the cushioning, reducing moisture buildup.

We combine superior drying performance with a biocide treatment, to inhibit mold growth, mildew, and odor. All of our consumer products are designed to improve comfort in the everyday.


TypeDensity lb./ft325% IFD lb/50 in. Tensile Strength psi (min.)Elongation % (min.)Anti-MicrobialCAL 117
Soft1.65 - 1.9520 - 3014 min.90 min.ContainsPass
Medium 1.65 - 1.9530 - 4014 min.90 min.ContainsPass
Firm1.65 - 1.9545 - 5514 min.90 min.ContainsPass
Extra Firm1.70 - 1.9070 - 8015 min.90 min.ContainsPass

Need a custom foam solution for your unique application?

WITP will work with your team to provide custom PU foam with specific properties, including custom additives
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