Industrial Goods

Versatile and functional foam products for a variety of applications for industrial and commercial uses.

  • Improve productivity and safety by controlling noise in the workplace
  • Enhance audio in the studio or live
  • Get the perfect finish
  • Seal and protect home, office, and factory

With over 50 years of developing and delivering foam solutions, we use high-grade foaming materials custom cut to your specifications for the best fit.

Acoustical Foams

Our polyurethane foams can reduce reverberation in any space. Our acoustic foams are suitable for anechoic chambers, studios, and auditoriums. Available in rolls or sheets and in a variety of colors, cuts and shapes.


  • UL94 HF-1 Foam
  • Cell-Controlled Non-Reticulated Polyester Foams
  • Semi-Rigid Polyurethane Foam

Quality tools for a quality finish

Sanding Block Foams

We manufacture professional-grade sanding block foams for fabricators, ideal for most surfaces. Sanding block sponge foams are durable for lasting use, keeping surfaces clean.

Available in a range of grits, sizes, colors, and cuts for a smooth finish.

Suitable for wet sanding and dry sanding.

Filtration Foams

Keeping contaminants contained, our filter foams play a vital role in keeping environments comfortable and clean.


By continually reimagining how products are utilized, we continually develop new methodologies and formulations adding value across the board to consumers, manufacturers, and the environment.

for the perfect finish

Polishing Buffer Pads

Polyurethane pads offer a reduction in impurities are more durable, produce low heat, are moisture and chemical resistant with more efficient product distribution. Restore and refine surfaces with polishing buffer pads for the ultimate application of polish, wax, sealant, and glazing.

Available in custom colors, sizes, and shapes to get the perfect application with the perfect amount of product.


  • Acoustic Foams
  • Filter Foams
  • Sanding Block Foams

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